Welcome New Staff

—     Lynette Stowe, Director of Nursing     Nicole Larsen, Social Services Director     Gabrial Green is now our Assistant Director of Nursing Darla Corbisier is our new Wound Nurse Kevin Utterback is our new MDS Coordinator Laura Beamer is our new Director of Marketing and Admissions

Letter from the Administrator

— Fall is now upon us. It just seems like yesterday that I was writing about the upcoming fall season. Soon the beans and corn will turn and then the leaves will start dropping. Halloween will soon be here with Thanksgiving just around the corner. As many of you know our Social Services Director Laura Beamer... Read More

Success Story: Ms. B.

— Ms. B was brought onto physical and occupational therapy case load following a fall and increased weakness. She was unable to transfer self or walk without moderate assistance. She demonstrated difficulty with dressing, grooming and hygiene, and toileting tasks. After receiving therapy for three times a week for eight weeks, she is now able to... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

— Happy Birthday Residents! Deb Marcelline Joyce Jean Tammy Shirley Welcome! Welcome to our new residents, Nichole and Kenneth! It’s great to have you here!

October Chef Select

— Appetizer: Beer Cheese Soup with Saltine Crackers Entree: Bratwurst or Beef Sauerbraten Braised Red Cabbage Brown Sugar Spaetzle Rye Bread with Apple Butter Dessert: Apple Strudel with Caramel Sauce Milk Coffee Hot Tea

Success Story: Mr. F.

— Mr. F entered the facility with diagnoses of Adult Failure to Thrive, Right lower extremity below the knee amputation, and acute kidney failure. He began showing signs of weakness and decline in activities of daily living. Prior to starting therapy, Mr. F. required moderate-total assistance from caregivers to get dressed, for grooming and hygiene tasks,... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Here we are in September. We had another odd summer. Hot for two weeks and then mild the rest of the year. The Iowa State Fair reaped good attendance numbers because of the nice weather. The football season is well on its way and will be a dominate news item up until the Super Bowl.... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

— Residents Gladys Donna P. Gordon Donna K Staff Jenn K. Rebecca Alicia Kaylee Staci Ashley Ali Welcome! Welcome, Linda!

Upcoming Events

— September 8th- 10am- Grandparents Day Pie and Coffee September 13th- 3pm- Taco Bar and Music September 19th- 10am- Music with Paul D September 20th- 3pm- Maid-Rites and Music September 25th- 3pm- Banana Splits and Music September 26th- 3pm- Making Blankets for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa September 27th- 3pm- Birthday Party

Special Events

— New MDS Coordinator, Kevin Utterback Gabrial Green was promoted to ADON Darla Corbisier was promoted to Wound Nurse Manager Laura Beamer has changed roles to Admissions and Marketing Director