Activity Highlights

— Michael W enjoys a sweet afternoon visit from a neighboring goat!   Kids braved the chilly April morning to collect Easter Eggs at our Annual Easter Egg Hunt   Ronnie B is excited to be outside Friday afternoon giving some love to the visiting dogs!

Stroke Awareness and Prevention

— Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in American and a leading cause of adult disability. However, up to 80% of strokes are preventable. Here is an awesome tip to follow: Face drooping Arm weakness Speech difficulty Time to call 911 Some tips to help prevent a stroke include: Lower blood pressure. Lose weight.... Read More

Special Events

— May was such a busy month, we missed highlighting a couple big things that happened in April! We have been having so much fun as a building while the weather has slowly began to warm up. Back in April, Danielle, our Director of Therapy, did an amazing job educating and supporting all throughout the building... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

— Happy Birthday! Residents Raezella N. Jeanette S. George P. Jerry (Paul) H. Staff Dan G. Kari K. Chris M. Welcome New Residents Welcome to our new residents Michael W and Donna K!

Letter from the Administrator

— Six months has already passed for this year. It is very hard for me to believe that half of the year is already gone. As of this writing it is still cold. It seems to me that once the 4th of July passes it is not too long until the cold comes again. Maybe it... Read More

Special Events

— Watch for us this month out and about as the weather starts to get nicer! We’ve already found ourselves out on the front patio a couple of times as we’ve gotten a taste of the summer weather! In April we had a special visitor – a Ventriloquist and her puppet! We had so much fun... Read More

May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month

— Blood pressure can damage the heart, kidney, and brain without showing obvious symptoms. To combat its effects, it is important to know what your healthy blood pressure goal should be. What can you do to reduce blood pressure? Exercise. Exercise such as walking, lifting light weights, and simple workouts may reduce blood pressure. Lose weight.... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— It is hard to believe that May is already upon us. The warm weather took a struggle to finally get to us. May is one of my favorite months. Since I was a kid I have liked attending Memorial Day Services. There is a sense of history in the services. Back home our Memorial Day... Read More

May 12: Mother’s Day

— Mother’s Day celebrates moms, foster moms, surrogate moms, grandmothers, aunts, and the other important women role models in your life. Approximately 152 million cards are mailed and 122 calls are made on Mother’s Day! President Woodrow Wilson declared May 9, 1914 as the first Mother’s Day. Be sure to celebrate the mom in your life... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

— Happy Birthday Residents Randy A. Ed H. James W. Kay N. Andre S. Lisa G. Pam P. Margaret L. Happy Birthday Staff Leslie M. Mary W. Katelina Z. Linsey T. Candile M Welcome New Residents Welcome to our new residents who have joined us in the last few weeks! Norma F, Michael W, Rose W,... Read More