Letter from the Administrator

As this newsletter is coming out Christmas will soon be upon us. This is a good time to review the marking of resident clothing, blankets, and coats which you may bring in as gifts for your loved one.

Recently we have purchased a labeling machine which allows us to mark and label resident items in a clear manner. Often times when items are marked with a marker the writing smears over time and is hard to read. At other times items are never marked when they are brought in. This can lead to errors in laundry delivery.

Our Social Services Director Shelly Matheney has the labeling machine in her office. If you have new items to bring to a resident, please make sure that they are labeled with one of these tags. If Shelly is not in please give them to the charge nurse for labeling.

This has and will make easier the delivery of items from the Laundry Department.

As the Holiday Season draws near please make sure to spend some time with those who are important in your life. We hope to see you during this time.

Doug Wood


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